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The Cologne High School Panel (CHisP)

The Cologne high school panel is a longitudinal study over 50 years. It started in the year 1969 with a written interview of 3240 high school students – a socially selective form of the tripartite German high school system - at the median age of 15 in the 10th grade; simultaneously their parents and their teachers have been interviewed. Up to today, three further interviews about the occupational and private life history and attitudes to family, politics and religion have been administered: at ages 30, 43, and 56. Additionally, each survey has a specific emphasis: becoming adult at 30, evaluation of success at 43, and planning for retirement at age 56. Currently the fourth panel at age 66 is underway. Its specific topics are the evaluation of the life so far, the identity in old age, and the realization of the plans for retirement from age 56. The field work will start in autumn 2018.

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