Term Papers

Prerequisites for awarding of credit points for term papers are:

  • Examination registration via KLIPS 2.0.
    If you have missed the deadline for examination registration at the examination office you cannot earn credit points and you will have to repeat the exam for the module.
  • Passing all parts of combined examinations (e.g. presentation / excercise / other) as specified in the module catalogue or in KLIPS. 

In case of illness

[Translation follows] Sollten Sie wegen Krankheit verhindert sein, an einem genannten Prüfungstermin (Klausur- oder Referatstermin) teilzunehmen, gelten die entsprechenden Regeln des Prüfungsamtes, die Sie afu der Homepage des Prüfungsamtes unter Ihrer jeweiligen Prüfungsordnung finden.

Krankheitszeiten, die vor dem Abgabetermin der Hausarbeiten eintreten, können nicht berücksichtigt werden; d.h., die Bearbeitungszeit für die Hausarbeiten wird nicht verlängert.

Information about deadlines and courses

PDF Link

Preparing a term paper

Under the following link you will find a sample title page for your term paper as well as the text of the declaration, which you must sign and attach to your paper (The German Version is requested!). Without the signed declaration, the paper will be rated with 5,0 (failed).  With your signature you confirm that you wrote your paper on your own, that all sources and other tools you have used are indicated in your bibliography, and that all quotations are marked. 

The term paper must be submitted in print. Only the printed seminar paper is relevant for evaluation, papers sent by email only will not be considered. However, an electronic version of your paper should be sent by mail to your instructor. This electronic version may be used in order to check your paper for plagiarism.   



The relevant criterion for evaluating scientifc work is its content. Comprehensibilty and plausibilty of the content is ensured, however, if writers observe certain formal standards. Please follow the formal guidelines for term papers of the Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology of the University of Cologne (see above, Information about deadines and courses, "link")



Submission of papers in Summer Term 2017

Your papers have to be sumitted by August 11, 2017, 9:00 - 12:00 a.m. in the Institute's Library, Greinstr. 2, at the latest. 

Previous submission of papers only to your instructor of secretary of the chair.