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Current research projects

“Future and Career plans before before high school graduation” (ZuBAb study)

A cooperation project between the University of Cologne and the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB)

100 Years of Sociology in Cologne

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Michael Wagner

Research assistant: Stefanie Knebelspieß, M.A.

Attitudes Toward Education and Educational Success

Project manager: Dr. Judith Offerhaus

ERC Starting Grant „Social Integration and Boundary Making in Adolescence (SOCIALBOND)“


Clemens Kroneberg (PI)

Hanno Kruse (Postdoc)

4 PhD students (starting February 2018)

Friendship and Violence in Adolescence

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Clemens Kroneberg

Research assistants: André Ernst, Maria Gerth, Kathrin Lämmermann

German Family Panel (pairfam)

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Karsten Hank

Research assistant: Veronika Salzburger

since May 2014

Partner Relationships, Residential Relocations and Housing in the Life Course (PartnerLife)



Early prevention of drop-out due to study counselling - a field trial


Quality of Life and Subjective Well-Being of the Very Old in NRW


The Cologne High School Panel (CHisP)

Principal investigators: Prof. em. Dr. Heiner Meulemann, PD Dr. Klaus Birkelbach

Research assistants: Christian Sondergeld, M.A., Veronika Witt, M.Sc

Duration: 2018-2021

The Cologne Refugee Projects

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Friedrichs

Research assistants: Felix Leßke, M.A. and Vera Schwarzenberg, M.A